Landlord and Tenant

Michigan Landlord-Tenant Law

Christenson & Fiederlein, PC provides a unique service for Genesee County landlords for evictions at a flat discounted attorney fee rate for the first court appearance only. Read below for more information.

Introduction to Landlord-Tenant Law

At Christenson & Fiederlein, PC, we represent individuals, businesses, and financial institutions in Landlord-Tenant eviction proceedings. We provide a unique service for Genesee County landlords for evictions at a flat discounted attorney fee rate for the first court appearance only. This price does not include costs and expenses associated with filing fees, service fees, etc., and if a matter becomes contested, a discounted hourly rate is applicable.

Most of our Landlord/Property Management clients will prepare their own Notice to Quit (30 day for a termination proceeding or 7 day for a non-payment of rent proceeding) and provide us with the original notice to quit with proof of service along with the appropriate filing fee, attorney fee, and account statement for the eviction.

Filing Fees

  • Complaint (no money judgment): $42.00
  • Complaint (money judgment): $90.00
  • Service Fees (by statute): require $32.00 up front
  • Writ of Eviction: $15.00

If we need to handle the Notice to Quit or the Writ of Eviction, an additional flat fee rate will be charged to the client in accordance with our retention agreement.

For the assistance of our customers, attached hereto in PDF format is the following forms for reference, and any advice regarding the interpretation of the forms and their use will be at our normal hourly rate.

Timeline Landlord/Tenant Eviction

Typically, an eviction for non-payment of rent can be completed in about a month. If the tenant appears and disputes the rent due and owing or raises factual defenses the time period can exceed several months, but the landlord has the ability of seeking a rent escrow order from the Court.

  • Notice to Quit (7 day non-payment of rent) – 7 days - must state amount due
  • Notice to Terminate (30 day) – must explain reason for termination
  • Complete proof of service of mailing of notice via personal service or first class mail
  • File Complaint with attached lease agreement, notice to quit, proof of service
  • Serve Complaint (personal service required for money judgment)
  • Initial Trial/Hearing Date (usually within 10 days of filing Complaint)
  • Entry of Consent Judgment/Default Judgment or new contested hearing date
  • Writ of Eviction (10th day after Judgment by Court rule if rent not paid)
  • Court officer serves Eviction


  • Genesee County Landlords Association
  • Flint Area Residential Builder’s Association

Legal Resources for our Clients

Go to our landlord-tenant resources page for information.

Examples of Satisfied Clients

  • Represented Flint Housing Commission in handling 1000s of evictions in 68th District Court.
  • Represented Quality Rental Management, Inc. in 100s of successful evictions in the Genesee County Area.
  • Represented property managers, real estate brokers and individuals in 100s of evictions in Genesee County.
  • Represented vendors (sellers) in land contract forfeiture proceedings to recover possession of premises.
  • Represented and defended vendees (purchasers) in defense of land contract forfeiture proceedings.
  • Represented mobile home park owners in successful eviction proceedings.
  • Represented tenants in obtaining judgments against landlords for violation of the truth in renting act and for wrongful evictions.
  • Handled land contract foreclosures.
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